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About Us

Whatever your needs, we have the products and expertise to push all the right buttons!


Company Profile

COSMOS Group has been serving the construction machinery industry by manufacturing all kinds of construction equipment’s & aluminum form work systems for more than last 3S Years. The Group has successfully built up a great trust and appreciation among its customers. COSMOS Group has now taken a step forward in the elevator industry by introducing COSMOS – SAHARA ELEVATORS to bridge up the gap between the customer expectations and the actual service provided. COSMOS – SAHARA ELEVATORS has started its full fledge operations from the year 2013.

COSMOS – SAHARA ELEVATORS is known for its quality service and reliability. COSMOS – SAHARA ELEVATORS occupy a particularly competitive position in the lift market as we are one of the few fully independent lift companies who are able to offer an almost limitless range of lifts and components. This includes lifts with or without a machine room in an enormous range of sizes and configurations, hydraulic lifts, goods lifts, home lifts, lifts made to measure to satisfy a client’s special requirements and more. COSMOS – SAHARA ELEVATORS has achieved a remarkable growth in a very short span of time by fully understanding and satisfying the needs of its customers. Since its inception, we have successfully completed installing over more than 350 lifts in major cities of Maharashtra like Pune, Kolhapur and Mumbai.


Develop a solid business organisation capable of providing excellence in vertical transportation through innovation, reliability, design and comfort.


Our mission is to design lift solutions for people and goods in buildings and other urban spaces and to provide solutions to present and future needs for users of vertical transport

Core Values

Excellence: We go beyond expectations (we surpass them), meeting commitments and excelling by seeking extraordinarily good quality.

Closeness: We take the opportunity provided by the customer to create a link beyond commercial aspects, experiences that provide distinctive value and generate empathy.

Innovation: We have creativity to create new ideas that improve the lives of our customers and we are able to turn them into products and services that give them a distinctive value.

Safety: We value the health and safety of people above all else and take action to maintain safety in our factories and the safety of our products and services.

Integrity: We know our goals and maintain consistency with our customers and partners for the benefit of common interests. We always stick to our commitments.

Technology's Partners

Our Technology Partner’s are MORIS, MONTEFERRO & MONITOR.

MORIS: Provides us with a complete Hydraulic Lift Kit.

MONTEFERRO: Provides us with Guide rails

MONITOR: Provides us with Complete Lift Kit.

Our Clients and Associations

COSMOS – SAHARA ELEVATORS believes that after all we are working for customers only. We take care of our customers on every point from starting but not till end because, we think that there is no end as after sale services and long life relations always exist. All customers are equally important for us. Some of them are listed below:

Yashwantrao Auditorium, Beed Court and many more.

Following lists a few of the architects, with whom we are associated among many others:

Talati Panthaky Associated Pvt. Ltd.

Usha Rangrajan

JW Consultants


Shashi Prabhu Associates

Atul India